By Jacob Moore

Created at: November 24, 2020, 1:30:00 AM

My wayward son, my wayward daughter, my wayward child

My wayward son, my wayward daughter, my wayward child Your heart is the love of creation You may walking, but are never far

From your creation, your creator, your flame that is you Spanning the galaxies, the stars, the light and suns You are connected witha all in flesh and in light and in Love

Your breath is sacred Your footsteps are a magnitude of life To carry yourself onwards To be present and being

No matter the shape and form you reside by and in Your very presence a remidner of the Grace you live And the Grace you are to behold the world, to behold the Universe and more And to behold the truth from within your soul

As you seek As you breathe As you awake

You become connected to the reality of existence and life

For you are simply because you are You are not unworthy of praise Not unworthy of Love Not unworthy of happiness Not undeserving of joy Not undeserving of peace For you are connected to the river and flow of life

Beyond the flesh Beyond the senses Beyond your own reasoning, logic, and experience

For we are all univeral All endless All eternal All and everyone and everything part of the Infinite

You are never far from Me You are always besides and within Me You are Me and I am You Oh, so eternal Love

Your Creator Your Light Your Self You are As you are Love and Loved



-Jacob Moore

Cover photo credited: https://unsplash.com/@jeremythomasphoto