By Jacob Moore

Created at: September 5, 2020, 3:45:00 PM

What makes something nostalgic?

The word nostalgia conjures up the images and feelings of a time and point in our lives where we more often than not put on rose-eyed glasses as we reflect on our history. There is always a time in our memories where nothing in the simple consciousness we held in our youth was wrong. No time like the past points we draw from ever held a negative flicker in the light of our minds. Sometimes we tend to ignore the rough spots, deny the strife and struggles, and outright settle our present into a time capsule of a forgone past.

Why do we tend to gravitate to familiarity and rather shun standardly the options for new insight and experiences? This is rather a case of what we know versus what we do not know. The nostalgia is ingrained in our lives, ingrained in where we are today, and completes us in many ways.

Knowing what we did is what gives us comfort. Our emotions intertwined with the good feeling, good thinking, and actions we took. The past is easier to point to then the future. We generally take for granted what we have accomplished beyond our youth, beyond our limitations, beyond what we have ambitions for in the present and future.

We can classify nostalgic as simply allowing our daily lives to slip into the timeless stream of the past in which we knew then and there the simplicity. The simplicity as adults we tend to lose. We tend to cast them aside as toys to be put aside, yet never appreciating what they meant for you at the time. The mind becomes the temple of the sacred relics which explains where we are, what we did, and how we want others to see us.

How Nostalgia can aid or hinder spiritual growth

Nostalgia can be a wonderful tool to gauge and place into your life new experiences to add to your already changing world and repertoire of life. It however can become a means of letting yourself stay put and sealed away within a tomb of escapism and crippled existence.

When we as human beings only allow the past to dictate to the world who we are, what we do, and why we exist, you can see what effects it does to you mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.


Mentally: You align yourself only to a time which no longer exists, thereby refusing to take part in the common daily place of our world today. Attitudes, beliefs, and concepts of the Self and others remain stagnant and inflexible. Do not be surprised when people know what you will say, do, and react when you have always made it the “typical” of a never changing existence of life. Whenever the obvious is needed to be done, you only seek what you know instead of even giving an inkling of effort to just ask for help in exploring and learning new things.

Socially: The majority of your time is often spent seeking to validate your previously held beliefs. Different viewpoints or newly developed perspectives presented by others more often are regarded as not valid like your own. What made sense to you in the past, always “makes sense” to you even in the face of new truths. When you place stock in the number of items over the number of experiences you have, you can for sure to find its value to the soul easy to break.

Physically: Complacency and reluctance to change the body to heal thyself

   Nostalgia in a way makes us to develop a means on always 
     wanting to point to the younger version of ourselves 
     to showcase how “fit” we were.

Think of the person who always says, “Back in high school I used to be good at insert sport activity here...”
“I ran this amount…I jumped this high…I was so fast….and on and on and on again.” Subsequently your progress is relegated to an armchair status. Do you see only from the comfort of your throne the possibilities of going beyond what you may perceive yourself to be?

Spiritually: Attachments are what define you. What constructs the thoughts of those who know you are always tied to, “same old, same old”. Whenever you are given opportunities for reflection and growth, you turn to comfort over enlightenment.

“Never let the past be your present.”

Pining for the past shuts you away from healing. It takes your feet from carrying on forward and relies for the “simplicity” of the past to answer for your decisions. What can easily turn to as a reason of not wanting to move forward is what makes you not want to accept the present and every human being involved in it.

Just because something was meaningful decades ago 
doesn’t mean that the present and future doesn’t offer 
the same validity and joys. If you took time out of your day 
to think on how others’ lives are benefited from modern technology 
and conveniences, then you’d realize that progression 
has always been the same.

Simple truth: Your childhood and youth was more advanced than that of your grandparents and their grandparents before them. (e.g. 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s technology and access to things was more developed and advanced than those of the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s of your grandparents and before generation.)

In spiritual terms, what once was has already passed. We just have to accept that time and our lives move onwards. The best thing we can do as human beings is give pause and reflect on what we have accomplished so far in our lives and where we want to be. It doesn’t matter when you start to change, just change!

There is nothing to compare, only where you are and where you want to be. It is simply just taking stock what you have and seeing what you would like to have in your life. Don’t judge yourself based on the actions, items, and accomplishments of others. They have their own place in time and life.

The path for everyone is different. No two roads are the same. To the outside their lives are similar, but to each and individual’s soul, it is unique to them. Trust your voice, trust your power, and it shall always guide you to the Light.

“What we cannot see doesn’t matter. It is taking the first steps on the path you wish to take is what causes reality to shape your way.”

“Allow your Divine Self to shine through any darkness. Do not tie yourself down to the limitation constructs of mankind. Beyond the façade is True bliss, true happiness, and true reality.”


MENTALLY: You foresee each day as an opportunity for growth, even if you have reached a comfortable height and level.

Time doesn’t become an issue for anything, but just in how you want to execute the actions you want to take. Reflection becomes a key principal in this process. The act of nostalgia focusing is more upon the efforts and tasks that you set for yourself and overcame.

“The greatest reward is knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do.”

Give yourself time to appreciate all that you have accomplished, even if someone else may disagree with what you measure as important.

Your mindset sets itself to seeing the betterment of others as much like your own. You place yourself in others footsteps to know where they are at the moment, leaning yourself to your own experiences so that you can uplift others.

Given the opportunity, you make it part of life’s purpose to help others move on past any trappings which hold them back from being their authentic selves. Nostalgia in this scenario shows itself as a way to accomplish each task based on how you previously accomplished it before, that way you can inspire others through your teachings.

PHYSICALLY: The body becomes your temple and what you once would reminisce on the days your body was in its best shape you start motivating yourself to endure onwards to physical healthiness.

(I know it is really uncomfortable and difficult to start wanting to go healthier, but in the end, your temple will shine and radiate Love for all to aspire to.)

“Your inner temple will become the architect for others to create for themselves.”

SOCIALLY: People will gravitate and become pulled into your life. The Universe/God/Creator/Spirit will open the doors and opportunities to meet others who reflect your interests.

You begin to appreciate the company you have and consciously decide which individuals and or groups in your life which no longer serve your highest and best interests. This means moving on from those who would rather hold you back than helping you move forward.

Your ambitions, desires, and motivations are tailored to what you wish to see change in the world. The people you will meet and that will become a part of your life and take place in your heart and soul will continually aid in your upliftment as you do theirs.

Time is spent wanting to use the fruits of your labor to enjoy yourself, immerse yourself into new experiences, and spend time with your family and those close with you. Even the smallest of activities makes every activity become special.

Allow yourself a chance to meet new people and just even make mistakes in doing so. It’s not like friendships have a cut and dry formula to how they suddenly blossom. The bests of friends you have are sometimes unexpected and are usually are because of time passing and love being in the relationship.


You become what you have set yourself out to be. Your future and present are intertwined with your Divine self. The past of your life is a mirror to see what you have accomplished and what you have made in improving yourself.

The Mastering of the Self and Soul is what helps you achieve anything positive that you want to achieve in your life. 
Although continuous, you take time to help others achieve that Divinity within them.

Each conscious step is the elevation of others and to reach out to the world to help those who may need it.

The world must never succumb to the dark. For only the Light is truly the awakening and realization of mankind. Positivity, encouragement, 
love, success, enlightenment, and upliftment can only be found 
residing in the Light, never the darkness. The Divine only 
seeks to better us, and taking away from the past which 
binds us or what keeps us from growth is part of the evolution.

Nostalgic ties are shared with the good and bad memories, 
but the important essence of their reflection is seeing the present
as the embodiment of goodness, love, peace, and prosperity. 
Everything becomes so through gratitude, faith, joy, love, and happiness in 
what you have accomplished.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”