Echoed Words

By Jacob Moore

Created at: September 20, 2020, 5:00:00 PM

Starry words and illuminated skies Step to step are the words I seek Allow me to find you in this vast cosmos The swirling, turning, and hurling of galatic bodies and human hobbies, I call out to you from my soul

Timeless and infinite in its reach, no distance or barrier in space cannont keep my feelings for you Your eyes, your breath, your touch and laughter in my ears. I want to hold you in my dreams and heart forever

Silence those worrying thoughts and calamtous fears, for you and I embraced together melts away the whole world

One pulse, one kiss, one gleam in our eyes keeps us together. For when I am with you, soul bared upon your alter, upon your light, enwrapped in your love, these echoed words travel vastly into the Universe

"I love you."

-Jacob Moore

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