What is the choice and how do I make it?

By Jacob Moore

Created at: September 14, 2020, 9:15:00 PM

How do I step out and let others see?

What do I want to express? From where in my heart do I show to the world? How do I step out and let others see?

Maybe I just let it be? Maybe I allow it to be? Perhaps it is a well yet to be seen? How will the winds carry the echoes and whispers of my name?

It is strange to imagine that I have come to desire to be in someone's spotlight To be their "they" in the conversation For a beginnning to some and a normality for many To enter their minds, their thoughts and couple with their feelings

Is the purpose for longevity? To have and create such content to last beyond your death? For people to go to bed carrying you in their thoughts To be their dawn, day, and night?

How does one choose their signature? By thought and reason? Feeling and emotion?

What do I say? How do I say it? What is the meaning behind it?

What is behind it all?

  • Jacob Moore

Cover photo credited: https://unsplash.com/@noahbuscher